Southern Drakensberge-close to Sani Pass

Before we started to drive to the Southern part of the Drakensberge, we made a walk from Cobham to the “Tortoise Rocks”. Unfortunately there was a field fire, which has gone out of control close to the walk. That was quite scary. We hiked very quickly. From the central Drakensberge we drove to the Southern Drakensberge. There we had a beautiful accomodation in a cottage only 8 km far from the famous Sani Pass and the border between South Africa and Lesotho. They offer many tours to visit the Sani Pass but we preferred to make a walk along a river. This was very beautiful.


The field fire was quite close to the road.


Tortoise Rocks close to Cobham.


The next day we did a beautiful walk along a river.


That was one of the pools.


After the walk we had a coffee with rusks on the nice terrace of our mountain cottage.

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