Twelfth day afternoon at Lanna gorge

This was our last sundowner. As usual T. and K. had a good idea for a beautiful spot. This was so beautiful that it was nearly the best.

map of Kruger National Park with Limpopo area.

Burchell starling

blue waxbill and green winged phytilla in the camp.

farancolin in the camp

I gave T., K. and Dominik the chocolate. But T. didn`t know that K. had one too and offered him his chocolate. Then later everything came out. What a couple of instructors. So funny. Like Tom and Jerry.

We drove out for the Lanna Gorge. A quite bumby road.


Me and T.

Marc happy!

bull bull (Alex) and porcospino (me)


Some of the group

The whole group without porcospino

Tom and Jerry

beautiful sunset

la luna!

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