Taking off the collars from animals of the breeding camp

We went to the breeding camp near Main Gate. There was Peter the vet with some American vet students. He darted zebras, wildebeest and elands by flying over them with the helicopter. We could mostly watch the American vet students take the dart and the collars off. Once I could hold the horns of a wildebeest, while Sam and the vet students covered it s eyes and gave him the reversal. That was cool.


Carmen and the vet students from Northern Ireland.


The vet and the students are giving the zebra the reversal and are waiting for it to wake up. Then we had to run back to the car.


Here I could help by holding up the horns of a male wildebeest while the vet nurse was giving him the reversal.


The helicopter just landed in front of our vehicle.


The darts are filled with sedation from the vet. He wrote capital letters of the animals on the darts.



Everything happened in front of the helicopter.

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