Thirteenth day: we have to say goodbye to Makuleke

Last night we sat at the fire and heard stories from T. like the one when he ended in the middle of a lion pride while following lion tracks. Or the story of Thomas, a German tourist who wanted to see a Löwe (lion) and the story of George the baboon of the camp. That was so funny and cool.

This morning we had to say goodbye to T. , K. and Dominik. That was sad. Dominique took us to the gate. Stanley dropped Marc in Polokwane. Anette and Marco at the airport, Claudia and Anni at a hotel and Alex, Reka and me at the Emerald guesthouse.

Last time in the landcruiser driving to the gate.

Dominik reversing the vehicle.

On a tar road driving to Polokwane and Joburg.

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