Putting up camera traps for black rhinos

Marge showed us how to put camera traps to get photos from black rhinos on trees. First you have to recognize the black rhino dung. You find partly chewed sticks and some leaves in it. In the elephant dung the sticks are still full sized and the leaves too. Then you need to put batteries in the traps and put the date in. You have to find a tree close to the road. There you need to get rid of all the grass that couldbe in the photo of the animal.


Marge looks for black rhino dung.


She opens the camera trap and puts the memory card for the camera in.


She puts the camera on the tree and ties it up very close to the tree so that the elephants can`t take it off. Then she switches it on.


The cutest baby elephant ever!


Walking with mum and ….


Putting up some “elephant suncream”


We saw the buffaloes in the 2000 hectar breeding camp. Sam was feeding them.


And a vervet monkey.


We arrived back to the camp.

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